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(Pyrrhura molinae) 

The small size, elegance, and intelligence of green-cheeked conures have made them popular as pets and won the hearts of many avian enthusiasts. Great qualities of a pet bird include their curiosity, playfulness, and lively temperament. Green-cheeked conures are adventurous and charming birds who have a lot of personality for their size. They are more appealing because they are more affordable and less noisy than the majority of other conures.

yellow sided conure


The green-cheeked conure is widely available because it reproduces fairly quickly. One of the tiniest conures, the green-cheeked conure is frequently mistaken for its near relative, the maroon-bellied conure (Pyrrhura frontalis). Because of how similar these birds look, pet shops and even their owners frequently mistake them for one another. They are both roughly 10 inches long, the same size, and mainly green. The green-cheeked conure has gray barring on its chest that fades into a somewhat crimson belly. Its hue is a little bit brighter than the maroon-bellied conure's. The maroon belly is so named because of its distinctive, heart-shaped maroon colouring on its belly and golden striping on its chest. Both have feet and beaks that are dark gray.

Character & Behavior

The green-cheeked conure is a tiny clown who is constantly up to mischief. While they wait for their owners to play with them, these birds like hanging upside-down and squabbling against the cage bars. Green cheeks are troublemakers, so watch your bird closely at all times. Children should be able to handle this bird easily because it is little and kind in nature. Though small fingers are delicate, keep in mind that any bird has the potential to bite. Always exercise caution while around kids and birds, especially for the benefit of the birds.

green check conure
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