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We are proud to say we offer one of the biggest collections in the industry, with dedication and passion,   a 24h care facility offers our animals  a treatment like no other.

we have a certified vet check our nursery once a month to make sure all our birds are healthy and receiving proper care, we have employees in charged of feeding and socializing with all animals to make sure they stay as sweet as they can be.


Bird parents can choose from our widest selection of pet products and pets, thanks to the assistance of our reliable and knowledgeable associates who share the same love for animals as the animal owners we serve. We take great pleasure in our unmatched selection of pet food, treats, toys, and apparel, as well as breeding program, which offers a tremendous variety of birds to find your "perfect match".


we have a 24h call center if you ever have any questions about our birds or other's. if you need assistance, we are here for you.

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