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White-Eyed Conure
(Psittacara leucophthalmus)

One of the more well-behaved pet species is the small green parrot known as the white-eyed conure, often known as the white-eyed parakeet. It is non-destructive, less noisy than many other conures, and more likely to desire to communicate than shout. White-eyed conures can be devoted and enjoyable pets if properly socialized.

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The bodies of adult white-eyed conures are primarily green, with red patches on the head and wings. Their wings' inside are also covered in a haphazard pattern of bright yellow feathers with crimson ends. Olive-yellow is the color of the underside of the wing and tail feathers. The bird may first appear to be entirely green, but when its wings spread, stunning flashes of yellow and red can be seen. Its common name comes from the white skin rings that surround its eyes.


White-eyed conures are beautiful birds that, in the right hands, make wonderful pets. They are extremely clever and inquisitive parrots, which makes them eager to explore and prone to mischief when left unattended. However, owners of white-eyed conures claim that these birds are incredibly affectionate and entertaining when given the correct care. For white-eyed conures to avoid becoming bored and developing behavioral issues, they require enough cerebral stimulation.

This kind of conure is one of the most docile conures and can speak. They require playthings, patience, and care. This bird enjoys playing and climbing.

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