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Due to its magnificent plumage, outstanding temperament, and exceptional qualities as a companion bird, the sun conure is one of the more well-known conures of its size. Sun conures are colorful, talkative, and expressive birds that are most well-known for their beauty.  The sun conure is around 12 inches long, and its most distinguishing feature is its bright orange and yellow color, which is frequently spotted here and there with green splotches.


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The sun conure has a long, tapering tail, a black beak, and white rings around its eyes. this bird is  popular among pet owners and a favorite among seasoned aviculturists because of its stunning color and charming nature. It is relatively easy to breed. It takes young birds around two years to develop their complete adultness . The coloring of both genders is extremely similar, however males are supposedly a little brighter. Females are reported to have rounder, smaller heads, while males are said to have squarer, flatter heads. However, only  breeders are adept at sizing up the birds and making an accurate judgment. Certainly, the quality of the pets is the same.

Character & Behavior
These birds are perpetually hilarious as they playfully joke around, lying on their backs or dangling from a rope toy. They are also quite trainable, however if provoked, they will bite. In general, the sun conure is quite loving and cuddly and will be devoted to a kind owner. If family members treat the bird with kindness and care, the bird is a magnificent family pet and won't "turn" on them.

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