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(Ara severus) 

As the true entertainers of the parrot world, macaws are without a doubt among the funniest, cuddliest, and most loving pets available. Because of this, these parrots are adored and sought for all over the world, and the Severe macaw is unquestionably a suitable exemplar of the family. This silly and vivacious parrot is constantly gregarious and the focus of attention. They are fantastic lifetime companions due to their extended longevity.

One of the best parrots in their family is the Severe Macaw. They are a beloved and well-liked pet due to a number of wonderful characteristics.

Chestnut-fronted-macaw-GettyImages-602191639-596c3e635f9b582c35772192 - Edited.png


Despite being a member of the so-called "little macaw" family, severe macaws are nonetheless quite large birds. The adults grow to an average length of 18 inches (40 centimeters), and they resemble their near cousins in practically every other way. You could say that this size is the ideal medium ground because it is neither too enormous nor too small, like the big macaws. In any event, plenty of space is still necessary to guarantee a content parrot.

Character & Behavior

These parrots have the potential to be real clowns. They are playful, animated, and stupid, but in a cute way. Keep an eye out since they enjoy exploring and playing with toys and other stuff. However, they are often not naughty birds. You'll quickly notice this small macaw's caring and loving side and understand that it's more than just a parrot. It belongs to your family.

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