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(Ara macao) 

Nothing is more eye-catching than a scarlet macaw, which makes it a well-liked huge bird among enthusiasts and beginners alike. It's not uncommon for someone to start their voyage with a scarlet, despite the fact that this bird is frequently not a good choice for beginners. Someone with some extra cash in their pocket could find it difficult to say no to the scarlet because it is so stunning and personable.


The scarlet's wingspan spans from 32 to 39 inches, and as its name suggests, it is mostly red with a band of yellow in the middle and a band of blue leading to the flight feathers. Where the yellow and blue in certain birds converge, there might be a ring of green. Despite the fact that there are obvious differences, some individuals mistake the scarlet and green-winged macaws. In general, the green-winged is a much larger bird with a prominent green wing band. The face of the green winged macaw has tiny red feathers looping down from the eyes onto the facial patch, but the scarlet has a face that is entirely covered in feathers.


Character & Behavior

The scarlet is a "sassy" bird that is full of life and character. It is a skilled escape artist and incredibly intelligent. It has unique likes and dislikes, and if caution is not taken to train the bird otherwise, it may become into a "one person bird." It's not a good bird for kids because it has a strong beak and a powerful bite. Even the friendliest of these birds can be "nippy" to get what it wants, so it's not a pet for timid or meek people.

This bird is simple to train and can be taught difficult "tricks" if done softly and patiently.

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