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(Eolophus roseicapillus) 

The rose-breasted cockatoo, also known as "galah" in its native Australian aboriginal language, is the ideal parrot species for a pet owner who enjoys regular interaction with a pet bird. This adorable pink bird is highly intelligent and incredibly affectionate of people. With consistent training, it can easily learn to recite a variety of things and perform challenging stunts. This resilient bird can survive in some of Australia's harshest environments.


Galah cockatoos are becoming more and more popular as pets because of their vibrant colors and amiable natures. Rose-breasted cockatoos feature brilliant pink feathers on their chests, bellies, and the lower half of their cheeks, as suggested by their name. They have gray backs, wings, and tail feathers, gray feet, and beaks with horn coloring. They also have pinkish-white crests. The head crest of the galah, like that of all cockatoos, fanning out in response to fear or excitement.

Looking at a galah's eyes is the simplest approach to try to identify its sex. The region of the eye that surrounds the pupil known as the iris is darker, almost brown, in males, while it is lighter, pinker in females. 

13_05_02_galah_cockatoo_fluffs_feathers - Edited.png

Character & Behavior

The galah cockatoo is known for being an affectionate and sociable pet. These birds are not particularly fond of cuddling, unlike umbrella cockatoos. However, they are used to handling.

Make sure you have lots of spare time to spend with your pet if you're thinking about getting a galah. It is a delicate bird that needs a lot of interaction and care from its owners. Because it is a flock-dwelling bird by nature, the rose-breasted cockatoo can get furious, despondent, and destructive if its adopted human flockmate ignores it.

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