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(Ara rubrogenys) 

One of the so-called “mini macaws,” the Red fronted macaw is a unique, affectionate and endlessly fun parrot, and truth be told, not at all that “mini.” They can be quite calm and affectionate, being one of the cuddlier breeds of the macaw. On the other hand, these parrots are very intelligent and have an inquisitive personality with a good desire for fun and goofing off. All these balanced traits combined make the Red Fronted macaws a desirable and loved pet parrot worldwide.



Despite being one of the lesser macaw species, they are nevertheless huge, measuring 22 to 24 inches on average (55 to 60 centimeters). Similar to their cousins, their long, beautiful tails account for a sizeable portion of this length. When putting all of this inside a cage, a lot of space is needed. However, they will be the happiest and healthiest when they are allowed to roam around the house, like any large parrots.

Character & Behavior

These macaws are affectionate, submissive, inquisitive, and lively, which are all qualities you would want in a pet parrot. These qualities, along with the Red Fronted Macaw's good health and lifespan of up to 50 years, make them a superb family pet. Make sure you don't disregard their demand for play and social engagement. You should set out some time for your pet as well, whether it is for playing or cuddling.

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