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(Cacatua moluccensis) 

Due to its stunning looks and good demeanor, the Moluccan cockatoo is a favorite among bird enthusiasts. Due to the majority of their head crest being made up of salmon-pink feathers, moluccans are also known as salmon-crested cockatoos. Whether they are happy, furious, terrified, or excited about anything, moluccans will display their head crest.


The Moluccan is a huge bird, ranking among the largest white cockatoo species, but it can vary in size, purportedly because their natural habitat is large enough to support multiple subspecies. The Moluccan cockatoo has a rosy-pink tint, with individual variations in the intensity of the pinkness. Don't worry, this is very healthy. Although the feet and beak are black, they are typically covered in powder down, which makes them appear gray.

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Character & Behavior

Nothing the Moluccans want more than to be attached to your body all the time. They have a strong need for love and care, which makes them potential pests. They continually compete for your attention since they are not very proficient at "playing alone." If you can pay attention, that's excellent; the bird will be content. They are the ideal bird for someone who spends most of the day at home or is disabled. What they desire is to constantly be hugged and caressed.

Because they are so sensitive, Moluccans, like the majority of cockatoos, can become agitated and neurotic when neglected.

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