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(Ara militaris) 

Military macaws are huge parrots with a reputation for being friendly, even-tempered pet birds in addition to being communicative and gregarious. Ideally, it can develop a close attachment with its owners if it is hand-fed from birth. These inquisitive birds eagerly anticipate meeting its human "flock."

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The primary color of military macaws is green, with the head being a brighter lime green and the body being a darker, olive green. Their wings are edged in dazzling blue, and they have a bright red tuft on their foreheads. Their tail feathers have a yellow-olive undertone and come in brown and red colors.

These birds have dark gray legs and feet and prominent black beaks. The typical naked macaw face patches, each with concentric bands of tiny black feathers, frame their eyes.

Males and females of this monomorphic species resemble one another. Only DNA testing or surgical sexing can reveal if a bird is male or female.

Character & Behavior

The military macaw is a friendly, readily domesticated bird. They frequently live in couples or flocks of 10 to 20 birds in the wild, avoiding alone. It is not unusual for this bird to favor one person in captivity, much alone one gender. It must be exposed to a wide range of people in order to maintain its friendliness throughout all social interactions.

Although they aren't known for being particularly sociable, military macaws that have been handled and socialized properly may take pleasure in being petted and cuddled.

Sometimes these birds might be irritable. If they are not content or well-trained, macaws can become aggressive. Many owners discover that their bird's disposition frequently mirrors their own.

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