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(Military macaw x Ara ararauna) 

The Blue and Gold Macaw and the Military Macaw were crossed to create the Miligold Macaw. It is a first generation hybrid macaw, which means that both of its parents are native macaw species. Both of their parents' personalities will be passed down to hybrid macaws. One of the most sought-after pet birds in the market is the Blue and Gold Macaw. A popular pet macaw with a good disposition. It is extremely intelligent and trainable.


Miligold Macaws, which are a hybrid of the Blue and Gold and Military Macaws, can have highly attractive coloring. Although the Miligold Macaw's father has the dominant gene and will therefore affect the offspring's ultimate appearance, both parents contribute to the spectacular colors of the progeny.
The blues of the Blue and Gold are tempered on the Miligold to a more greenish aquamarine, and the outer wings still have blue flight feathers, which is one of this bird's peculiarities. The head may have more green tones than the blue and gold colors. It may also contain the red macaw military lore.

miligold macaw

Character & Behavior

Hybrids have temperaments and behaviors that are unexpected and up for debate. The Miligold Macaw will be a stunning beauty and should make a good pet bird because its parents are both friendly and tame macaws. For all macaws to make good pets, they must be socialized and trained consistently. The Miligolds can make exceptionally affectionate, inquisitive, and entertaining pets since they have the gentle disposition and speech abilities of their lineage.

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