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(Cacatua tenuirostris) 

Other cockatoo species with larger rising crests on their heads are frequently preferred over slender-billed cockatoos. Nonetheless, they are among the best cockatoo options thanks to their adorable dispositions, outstanding communication skills, and captivating personalities. They are not as noisy as other parrots either. They are a well-liked pet in their home Australia, and their popularity is growing abroad.

long billed cockatoo


White cockatoo of average size with a short crest and a very long, pointed upper mandible. Pink spots around the chin and eyes and a totally white body. Mostly found in grassy terrain, it is frequently spotted grazing in parks or athletic fields. It digs for roots and seeds with its large upper jaw. Compared to Small Corella, its call is sharper and more staccato. Originally from southeast Australia, although large feral colonies can be found elsewhere, usually in suburbs.

Character & Behavior

Slender-billed cockatoos make excellent pets when compared to other cockatoos. These social and extroverted birds have intelligence. You'll enjoy watching them for hours while they act silly.

Slender-bill cockatoos are among the most sensitive and friendly cockatoos, yet they are also among the most independent. They still seek attention, thus this does not imply that they do not. These cockatoos are less dependent on humans than other cockatoo species, nevertheless.

They are accustomed to being monogamous in the wild. These are similarly solitary birds. It lasts forever after a link is established with you.

rare cockatoo
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