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(Eupsittula canicularis)

A species of medium-sized dwarf parrot recognized for its lively attitude and for being a little quieter than some other conures is the half-moon conure. Half-moon conures require a lot of social connection, physical activity, and cerebral stimulation like most birds do, yet the proper individual can enjoy having one as a pet.



The primary color of these conures is a vivid green, and the back and wing feathers eventually turn emerald green. They resemble macaws in that they have an orange band immediately above their beak and a blue forehead. They also have a horn-colored beak rather than a black one. The colorations of men and females are identical.

The highly energetic half-moon conures like playing and climbing. A well-socialized bird is often friendly and enjoys receiving attention from its owner.

They may appreciate an occasional spritz of water but are not as enthusiastic about bathing as some other birds. In contrast to some other conures and parrots, half-moon conures are often not as destructive.

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