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(Guaruba guarouba)

The golden conure (also known as the Queen of Bavaria conure), which is stunning in their dazzling yellow color, is without a doubt a lovely bird. Despite being rare, they may also make a feisty, intelligent, and interesting companion pet that is very kind and affectionate. There is no doubt that these parrots are quite unique and seem to capture the hearts of every bird owners they encounter.


Due to their larger head and beak than macaws, golden conures are frequently misidentified as macaws. The conure's tail is significantly shorter than that of a macaw, which serves as a telltale indicator of the difference
All throughout their body, mature golden conures are a beautiful yellow color. The only exception is the dark green color of the flight feather tips. They feature pink legs and feet, horn-colored beaks, and a bald ring around their eyes.
Green specks in the body's yellow plumage of juvenile golden conures can be used to identify them.


Golden conures are energetic pets who enjoy playing, chewing, and climbing. Due to their intense curiosity about everything around them, owners must be careful to watch over these birds when they are outside of their cages to prevent accidents.
Since they are conures, these birds are noisy and can scream loudly, making them unsuitable for those who live in apartments or condominiums. They can, however, acquire a sizable vocabulary
Due to their great intelligence, golden conures require a lot of mental engagement to avoid boredom and the emergence of negative behavioral patterns. It is a little more sensitive than many other parrots in this way.

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