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(Cacatua goffiniana) 

The Goffin's cockatoo is not a timid bird. Like other cockatoos, most are gregarious and friendly and like to be held and petted. Goffins are quick learners and can be a little naughty. You shouldn't be surprised if your Goffin's cockatoo picks up on opening the cage after watching you unlock the lock.


The Goffin's cockatoo, also known as the Tanimbar corella, is the smallest of the white cockatoos and measures around 12 inches from head to tail. Due to their similar look, it is most likely to be mistaken for a bare-eyed cockatoo (or small corella).

Goffins are primarily white birds with salmon-colored feathers around their eyes and beaks. They also have deeper salmon-colored feathers in their crest and neck area. The Goffin's wing and tail feather undersides have a yellowish tint.

goffin-8217-s-cockatoo - Edited.png

Character & Behavior

Goffin's cockatoos are very intelligent birds that excel at unlocking cage doors. In fact, a 2013 Oxford University study found that by releasing a string of locks one at a time, Goffin's can resolve challenging mechanical issues. Ten untrained Goffin's cockatoos were placed in front of a puzzle box with a clear door concealing a nut and five interlocking locks. The cockatoos had to first take out a pin, then a screw, then a bolt, then spin a wheel 90 degrees, and then move a latch sideways in order to get to the nut. Many of the other cockatoos solved the problem with some assistance or by observing another cockatoo do it. One Goffin's figured out the locks in under two hours without any help.

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