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(Aratinga weddelli) 

Conures are little birds with large clown heads, as we all know. They have lots of silly tricks and are lovely and cuddly. The Dusky conure is following closely. The calm, placid nature and engaging habits of this well-known pet parrot make it the ideal companion. Like other conures, they are robust and healthy, need just minimal maintenance, and in return offer cherished company that never fails to make you smile. The Dusky Headed conure is a great bird for apartment dwellers because it is relatively quiet.



This bird grows to an average length of 11 inches, which is a little less than some conure breeds of a comparable size (28 centimeters). The tail is allotted a sizable chunk of the overall size. They have the characteristically stocky build of other conures, which can occasionally give them a pudgy appearance. Given their diminutive stature, it is obvious that these parrots are very energetic. They will therefore require a large amount of space to travel freely. Allowing them to fly around your home will aid in their continued health. Once you both become acclimated to it, free flight will happen frequently.

Character & Behavior

All conures are renowned for acting like small clowns and doing goofy walks and stunts. The Dusky Headed conure is the same. They are capable of being silly all the time, having fun either by themselves or with their owner. However, they frequently display a cuddly and loving side, so don't deny them the necessary scratching and care. This small parrot is unquestionably a great pet for anyone looking for a lovable, sociable, and enduring companion bird.

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