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(Myiopsitta monachus)

The Quaker Parrot, also known as the Monk Parakeet or Grey-breasted Parakeet, is a small to medium-sized parrot species that is native to South America. They are highly sociable birds that are known for their playful and intelligent personalities, and are popular as pets due to their affectionate nature.

quaker parrot, green


Pet Vous, baby quaker parrots

Quaker Parrots are usually around 11 to 12 inches long, with a wingspan of around 18 inches, and they typically weigh between 90 to 150 grams. They have a predominantly green plumage, with a grey face, forehead, and breast. They have a distinctive hooked beak, and their feet are zygodactyl, which means that they have two toes pointing forward and two pointing backward, which helps them to grip onto branches and perches.

In terms of behavior, Quaker Parrots are known for being highly social and vocal birds. They are active and playful, and they enjoy interacting with their owners and other birds. They are also highly intelligent, and they can learn to mimic words and sounds with proper training. They are also known for their ability to build complex nests, which can sometimes cause problems when kept as pets, as they can damage furniture and other household items.

blue baby quaker parrots for sale
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