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(Thectocercus acuticaudatus)

The blue-crowned conure is extremely intelligent and has a huge vocabulary. Even though it can be a little challenging to understand, this species is considered as one of the more fluent talkers in the conure family


The blue-crowned conure is a small, green Neotropical parrot that is found over much of South America, from northern Argentina in the south to eastern Colombia in the north. Its head is blue. Savannas, wooded areas, and rainforests make up its native habitat.

Character & Behavior
The Aratinga conures were actually referred to as "little macaws" since the word "Aratinga" derives from the words "Ara," which designates the macaw family, and "tinga," which means smaller. The blue-crowned fits this description nicely in terms of size; it does like a small macaw. It is frequently overlooked by people who are impressed by the sun conure, the jenday, or even the nanday because it is not the showiest bird in the Aratinga group of conures. The blue crown, however, should not be disregarded. When hand-fed and given enough of socialization, it is one of the conure family's friendliest birds.

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