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(Cacatua sanguineat) 

Smaller cockatoos, like the bare-eyed kind, are simpler to care for as pets than their larger relatives. This bird has a ring of blue around its eyes, giving it a little sleepy appearance, but it is actually highly gregarious and energetic, preferring to be outside of its cage associating with its owner. The bare-eyed cockatoo is not the world's most colorful parrot, but it more than makes up for it with a vibrant personality. One of the best talking cockatoos is the bare-eyed kind, which is endearing, amusing, and intelligent.

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The majority of bare-eyed cockatoos are white, with hints of salmon-pink on their faces. They have naked, gray-blue patches around their eyes and beaks the color of horns.

Men and females are identical, with the exception of the males' somewhat greater height and larger eye patches. Genetic or surgical sexing is required to confirm the sex.

Character & Behavior

The bare-eyed cockatoo, despite its reputation for being silly and clownish, is typically a very social bird that enjoys playing and interacting with its people.

For seasoned bird lovers who want a cockatoo but lack the capacity to keep one of the larger kinds, bare-eyed cockatoos make wonderful pets. They are intelligent and sociable. These birds enjoy hanging upside down and are capable of learning tricks.

Because to their reputation as a "velcro bird," cockatoos are typically among the more challenging birds to maintain (sticking to their owners). Although it's a really friendly bird that will even snuggle with you, many owners adore its adorable trait.

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