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(Cavatua Lophocroa leadbeateri) 

Medium-sized, gorgeous salmon-pink Major Mitchell's cockatoos are intelligent, sociable birds. These birds are known for being solitary and developing close relationships with their owners. These birds need a lot of care, thus experienced bird keepers who are accustomed to caring for huge parrots are better suited to care for them.


The only cockatoo species with a multicolored crest is the Major Mitchell's variety. Bright pink and orange-yellow feathers with white tips are seen when spread out.

The pinkish-white Major Mitchell's cockatoo is a vivid and readily recognizable bird. These flamboyant birds have large pink spots on their undersides and around their necks. Under their white-tipped wings, they frequently have vivid pink.

Though the ladies have more orange in their crests, the males tend to be shinier than the females. Whereas females often have reddish-pink eyes, males typically have brown eyes. Gray feet and horn-colored beaks are shared by both sexes.

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Character & Behavior

This bird is a high-maintenance species that needs regular socialization and engagement with its owner to keep its emotional health in check. This species has a built-in propensity to develop close relationships that last a lifetime. You will bond with it and become its keeper. This bird is not only friendly and cuddly, but also amusing and animated.

Major Mitchell's can have mood swings. This bird reacts negatively when its human relationship is broken. If you return from a little vacation, your bird might even avoid you. Gaining the bird's trust again may take some time. Cockatoos that are neglected may engage in harmful habits like self-mutilation, chewing on wires, and furniture destruction.

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