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(Ara chloropterus x Ara ararauna) 

The harlequin macaw is a stunning, well-liked hybrid parrot that, in the right hands, makes a wonderful pet. Macaws are dependent animals that require knowledgeable or devoted parrot caretakers. This large macaw typically gets along well with families because they enjoy being around other animals and people a lot. They have affable attitudes, are good talkers, and are often funny.

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There is a lot of variance in the colors and patterns of harlequin macaws. They are frequently confused with Catalina macaws, another hybrid with a comparable plumage.

The predominant factor influencing a harlequin's color is whether the blue and gold or greenwing was the male parent. Genes that predominate in males. The color of a harlequin's breast and belly are the most noticeable examples of this variation. The breast will be reddish-orange if the father is blue and gold. The breast plumage will be a lighter shade of orange if the father is a greenwing.

The backs of the majority of harlequins are vivid shades of green and blue. On the underside of their tail feathers, they frequently have golden feathers.

Character & Behavior

The harlequin macaw is a hybrid that embodies "the finest of both worlds." The harlequin's parent species are typically friendly, easygoing, and intelligent. They also have good verbal skills. Fun tricks like waving, dancing, fetching, and other behaviors can be taught to them.

Although every bird is unique, they are typically thought of as enjoyable, amiable, and even humorous. Since they were raised around people, these macaws would probably enjoy the companionship of many different people throughout their lives. You don't want your birds to acquire a preference for either men or women, which can occur if they only interact with one or the other seldom.

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